@tagomago I don't really know the difference between dietists and nutritionists, but I was offered to speak to a dietist. Also, I am taking the doctors comments out of context for commedic effect here :)

@tagomago I eat a medication which makes me put on some weight, so it was in the context of what I could do to loose some of it :)

Today my doctor suggested that I should stop eating breakfast, and instead only have a cup of black coffee, and I feel very blessed to live in the year of our lord 2022, when science have come this far.

@hund motsvarande begrepp slow-food har jag inte sett översättas, utan det har lånats in som det är

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Waiting for the #typhoon to come.
It's probably one of the strongest typhoons to ever hit #Japan. It won't be here before tomorrow, but the winds are already strong, and rain has been intermittent.
I went to the coast a couple of hours ago (I don't think I'll go back until after the typhoon now) and the light was so unreal that I had to film it.
As always, also note all the boats parked in the middle of the sea waiting for the typhoon to pass. Always quite a sight.

Covid jabb 

Just got my fourth jabb, all the previous was moderna, while this one was pfizer. I hope I dont get too many side effects. With the three previous ones, this one and one actual covid infecition in between I am hoping I with stay healthy for a while again, cause it was not fun having the actual virus.

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Pga orsaker tänkte Chris och jag försöka organisera vår yrkesgrupp i Stockholm. Är du nåt i stil med ingenjör* och vill vara med på uppstart? Vi ses den 5/10 på Pattys för ett enkelt första snack. Läs mer här: socialistiskaingenjorer.blogsp

*person som arbetar som tjänsteman med teknik av nåt slag, ungefär. Kanske utvecklare, kanske nåt annat. Ingen formell examen nödvändig.

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@lidangskan man kan slå på snyggfilter i Zoom också, bredvid där man sätter virtuell bakgrund 😅

I keep getting follows from what appears to be automated accounts from c.im, they follow lots of people and have close to no followers of their own. What is up with that?

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there sure are a lot of people who've never been targeted by kiwi farms telling me how i ought to be more supportive of their "free speech"

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This week I fix some problems in pdf text, fix some open/save dialogs and work on the #inkscape shape builder some more.


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Are you a windows user and programmer and are interested in helping with #inkscape ? I'm looking for someone to help with a small windows development task which has become stuck without a windows dev.

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