Here is a fun project for you @plants:
1. Buy a piece of ginger at the grocery store.
2. Break of a peice which has an eye on it.
3. Soak it in water over night.
4. Plant it in a pot that is wider than it is deep.
5. Water it regularly and feed it some spent coffee grounds once in a while.
6. ????
7. Profit from infinite ginger!

Det var på den tiden, då gud fader gick mellan Lima och Svärdsjö, i långrock och rutig väst. Och gammel Jerk smög i libstickestånden kring farstuknuten.

It is finally that time of the year again, when I can have home grown Pak Choi for EVERY meal.

Great harvest today of lettuce, pak choi and spinach!


Image with ec 

This is what the peasant looks like :)

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First real crop of the year, I harvested some Pak Choi, spinach and lettuce today!

The elderberry tree cuting I got from my friend last year seems to have take root and leafs are coming!

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