Today my doctor suggested that I should stop eating breakfast, and instead only have a cup of black coffee, and I feel very blessed to live in the year of our lord 2022, when science have come this far.

@micke Any (non sensitive) reason he would argue to suggest that?

Btw, tell your doctor you cannot not have breakfast, if you first eat at 13 PM, that's your break-fast. :thinkerguns:

@tagomago I eat a medication which makes me put on some weight, so it was in the context of what I could do to loose some of it :)

@micke Well, it seems not only Spanish doctors are not up to date in nutrition matters. How's nutritionists coverage in public health up there?

@tagomago I don't really know the difference between dietists and nutritionists, but I was offered to speak to a dietist. Also, I am taking the doctors comments out of context for commedic effect here :)

@micke In the Anglosphere, the official titled professional is the dietitian actually. A nutritionist can often be anyone that claim to know about nutrition, it's not a regulated title (just learned on the wiki). In Spain the official title is "dietista-nutricionista". idk about Sweden... :thaenkin:

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