I made eight jars of pickled cucumbers today!

@Mabande har en burk kvar från förra året och tror jag gjorde åtta då också :)

1. Disinfect the jars and lids with boiling water
2. Boil 3 l of water and add 7.5 dl of white vinegar (12%) and 1.5 dl of salt (without iodine) and two table spoons of sugar. Stir to disolve and let cool a bit
3. Slice about 3 kg of cucumber in to the shape you like
4. Add a teaspoon each of: dill, chiliflakes, mustard seeds and put a few bay leafs in each jar, and fill with cucumber slices
5. Fill the jars with brine and close the lids

@micke Cool!! Thanks a lot! How much time till they're done?

@tagomago in a couple of weeks, but you can eat them after just a couple of days, but they will be better after more time. I am on the last jar of the ones I made last year and the are still good. Since the brine is still somewhat hot when you close the lid, there is a vacuum in the jar, and you can keep them in room temerature. Keep in fridge after they have been opened, though.

@micke Super!! Will try whenever I have an excess of cucumbers, although I guess you can use other veggies?

@tagomago yes definetly, in october last year I had a lot of summer squash that were only a couple of cm big and were not going to get any bigger than that, and I pickled them whole! I have also pickled chilis this way. I have only ever tried to pickle specific pickle cucumbers, so I dont know how well the longer kind of cucumbers work though.

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