@frida what do you mean by that? is there a smol manifesto?

@wojak Nah it’s just wordplay, my friend group got the domain ”smolnet.org” a while back to put some self-managed cloud services on since we had started hating the big ones. It’s a silly swenglish pun as well since everyone’s favorite buzzword ”the cloud” is ”molnet” in swedish. But now that you mention in there probably should be 😎

@frida love your idea. keep me updated if you publish your manifesto :)

@wojak Turns out there is a similar one already that I don't mind simply joining :) web0.small-web.org/

@frida sounds great minus the fact that they say web3 is about decentralization which it evidently is not. but yeah

@frida at least the're on the same page when it comes to crypto bs

@frida could've also deconstructed "decentralization" as the shallow expression that it truly is in all the technobabble surrounding so called web3

@frida sorry didn't mean to come across so snarky. nice manifesto you found :)

@wojak Oh you didn't :) I usually go for the "close enough" criteria but it has it's drawbacks as well :D It's good to have these things pointed out I think

@frida you're right. there is no gain in purity testing in such a niche topic

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