The Floppy Disk Museum on a Floppy 💾

This is absolutely great!


I've been toying around with tcl (the language)... interesting, though very niche-y.

Hey folks 👋

Remember to water your plants so that your potted cats can relax and purr nicely at you. Happy !

Am I the only one that chose not to have any pets despite loving them just because I’d shatter if they got hurt/ill or died?

Unsubstantiated - but CORRECT - opinion 

MacPorts is just superior.

an old fart

This year my favorite season - autumn 🎃 - will be even more special.

More to come! I just don't wanna spoil it.

It’s 21.30 and still like 30 C outside. Oh, Bay Area… 🥵

Yes, friends: today it felt like being locked in a car under the sun.

Bay Area usually has such a pleasant weather but boy oh boy it was miserable today. 🥵

Take care of yourselves!

I've recently come to know Lex Fridman's podcast.

Certainly interesting but I gotta confess the guy's attitude is peculiar and rather unnerving. How does he manage to get such famous guests?

Spending this Saturday to port some old web app I wrote years ago to a new Passenger based infrastructure.

This is pretty much in response to Heroku cutting the free tier in November.

Luckily enough open technologies make this sort of activity relatively painless.

It’s done, folks. You’re awesome and you can finally relax.

Take it easy and get some rest on this

Who remembers The Incredible Machine? It was a rather clever game for DOS.

LGR reviewed it here:

Nifty little trick for Darwin/macOS folks that use the command line.

If you need to open a file in Xcode from within the Terminal (perhaps you like that sheer sense of pain in your life):

xed <filename>

xed(1) for more arguments.

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I've just found out we charge inmates for their time in prison here in ${LAND_OF_THE_FREE}

It's like a forced hotel: you committed a crime, you get sentenced but then you're forcefully confined in a "hotel" you'll be paying for when you get out.

This country never ceases to amaze me.

AP link:

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